BIM and the European directive on public procurement

Published on 20.02.2014

On January 15th 2014, the European Parliament adopted a legislative resolution concerning public procurement: 2011/0438(COD).

One of the goals of this initiative for a new EU directive (expected for March 2014), is the inclusion of the "best quality-price ratio", which can be evaluated through a life-cycle cost-effectiveness approach.

According to the position of the European Parliament "For public works contracts and design contests, Member States may require the use of specific electronic tools, such as of building information electronic modelling tools or similar."

At PROCOS Group we congratulate this new vision of contracting procedures by EU! Since our foundation, we look at buildings and other facilities through a complete life cycle approach, from the facility's program of requirements, design and construction, to its operation, maintenance and decommission.

Through the integration of BIM with IWMS, we provide a complete repository of the facilities' project information, its operation's activities, asset inventory, maintenance plans and environmental performance.

With the complete facilities' life-cycle information, organizations save time in gathering and managing information, as well as evaluating deviations between planned and actual performance, allowing a real PDCA management cycle for their portfolios.

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