BIM for Project Manager

Published on 10.11.2016

After the post-graduate training "BIM Engineer" of Avans+ the demand for a dedicated training for project managers was raised. The lecturers of "the BIM Engineer" joined forces to offer their holistic, integrated and circular vision on the opportunities of BIM during all phases of the lifecycle of a building.

Comparable with the "BIM Engineer" course this unique 5-day training starts from the vision of the "Bouwinformatieraad" and the standards supported by the "BIM Loket". The training focusses on all aspects of BIM related to project management from a client’s perspective and a provider’s perspective. After 5-days of training, participants will have 3 weeks to develop their personal view before presenting it to the lecturers. Both content as well as examination will be based on the "BIM Engineer" of Avans+.

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