PROCOS Portugal – 8th anniversary

Published on 16.07.2013

This month we celebrate the 8th anniversary of PROCOS Group’s presence in Portugal.

As a pioneer in Portugal in consulting and implementation of integrated systems for Facility Management, we have endeavoured to contribute with our activities for the development of this market.

In a time of constrained investment and with an increased awareness of the real estate portfolios impact in a more efficient management policy, we believe that everyone has an opportunity to design improvements in their processes and systems, resulting in reductions in costs and extensions of the useful lives of the assets.

These last few years have also provided us with opportunities for partnerships and projects abroad, whether in the business line of Space Planning and Interior Design, as in Facilities Management. These partnerships and projects allowed us to expand the team in Portugal.

We remain determined to contribute to the development of the Facilities Management and Facilities Planning in Portugal. To all our clients, friends, associates and collaborators, we appreciate the opportunity to share this journey and we invite you to continue tracking this path with us.


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