Whitepaper - ‘BIM for FM: Social BIMM and iBIM’

Published on 08.05.2014

Real-time interoperability and bi-directional integration of design, construction, exploitation and use of built environment and facility services.

This white paper explains why a ‘BIM for FM’ leads to more effective and more integrated financing, design, construction, maintenance, operation and use of the built environment and facility services.

PROCOS Nederland uses the ARCHIBUS Inc. Enterprise Information Model (EIM). Its software interfaces or integrates (bi-directionally) real-time and natively with AutoCAD, Revit, BIM360, Vault, ESRI Arc/GIS Online, Google, SAP, Oracle, Entelec Sky-Walker, Office, Navision and Exchange. 

In doing so PROCOS Netherlands integrates people, places and processes and as a result transform a technical BIM to a Social BIMM and an iBIM. 

You can read more and find the whitepaper at http://nederland.procosgroup.com/space.html.


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