PROCOS Group is an international network of consultants whose mission is to contribute for increasing our clients’ return on assets. This can be achieved by expanding the physical assets’ (real estate portfolio buildings, structures, equipments, installations and furniture) lifecycle under optimal conditions, through proper facilities planning and facilities management.

In our areas of expertise, we provide independent consultancy in Space and in Software by:

  • optimizing the space used to perform each of the activities on which the organization bases its sources of revenues and through reaching more adequate usage ratios.
  • designing workplaces that will fit the organization’s culture and strategy, therefore creating work environments that will improve collaboration, innovation and productivity.
  • designing and implementing assets’ inventory and auditing, maintenance management or energy saving measures.
  • streamlining the processes concerning new projects’, portfolio transactions’ or contracts’ management.
  • developing and implementing software solutions to support the facilities management processes, the project management or the project documentation management, supporting our clients in their path to achieve a simpler, less expensive and more efficient management of their physical assets.

Leveraging on the expertise and experience of our people, we can provide a long term support to our clients, by outsourcing work from our collaborators, reducing our client’s fixed costs and mitigating the change management risks.