Corda Campus Hasselt

Implementation of ARCHIBUS applications

Research Campus Hasselt (RCH) manages the old Philips site (+/- 70.000 m²) with approximately 30 buildings in Hasselt. As owner and site manager the team of RCH is responsible for the maintenance of the portfolio and the facility services.

PROCOS has implemented the Space Management and Building Operations modules of ARCHIBUS. This project is a first phase which forms the basis for a professional servicing within the facility department of RCH. The number of users is currently restricted to 4.

Besides the full inventory of all the buildings and equipments, RCH also registers the service requests of the tenants and the users in ARCHIBUS. The handling of work orders for the technical services and contractors is also done in ARCHIBUS.

Management reports not only provide the information needed for invoicing of the tenants, but also give RCH a clear overview of the performance of their services.

Software implemented

Building Operations